Michael Ware


Post-debate: "'Know thy enemy' obviously doesn't apply in presidential debates."

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Following the debate... well, Michael barely got a word in. Who would ever have guessed that the Iraq war would not be THE topic of this election; in fact, not even THE topic at the debate slated to focus on foreign policy?


MICHAEL WARE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT BAGHDAD: And Tehran will be surprised to learn that their elite forces are the Republican Guards as opposed to the Revolutionary Guards. And both candidates -- first Senator McCain and then Senator Obama followed -- calling them the Republican Guard. 'Know thy enemy' obviously doesn't apply in presidential debates.

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MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And John's right, you have something like 200,000 sons and daughters of America in combat situations right now -- 200,000 sweating, bleeding, dying -- and then their families. Sure, you know, you're right, the economy is at the forefront, but you can't take --