Dec 2009

DA: "He said, 'One thing at a time. Security first, opium second.' "

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Michael rejoins TBFPTOT (now also including Fareed Zakaria) as Anderson Cooper asks questions about the speech. In the second clip, Wolf Blitzer asks about the drug situation in Afghanistan and how thoroughly drugs fuel the economy there and whether we can tackle that problem.

Length: 6:09 / 3:31

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PA: "The flags say it all. This is an American war."


Immediately following the speech, Michael is back at the map with John King to show the exact line of delineation between where the NATO troops are and where the American troops are ... and overwhelmingly the American troops are where the Taliban is strongest. Despite the NATO support, "This is an American war."

Google maps also gives a good idea of the difficulty of the terrain (at the end of the Himalayas) that we are trying to close down and control, and Michael asks where the discussion was about "the neighbors" who are such important players in this war.

Length: 6:51

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CT: "Is the president finally ready to fight this war or not?"


Less than 30 minutes prior to the speech, Campbell Brown introduces "the best foreign policy team on television" -- Michael, Christiane Amanpour, Nic Robertson, Barbara Starr, and Chris Lawrence.

Length: 4:16

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TSR: "We took a very, very small bite of a very big apple. There's simply not enough troops here."


Michael joins John King at the Magic Wall to explain where US troops are, where we need more people, and who is in power on both the Afghan and Pakistan sides of the border. (Although John drives; Michael points but doesn't touch.)

Length: 4:09

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CNN/I: BackStory


Michael Holmes talks to Michael about tonight's address and the situation in Afghanistan.

Length: 8:35

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NR: "Pakistan and India see each other as mortal enemies. And Afghanistan is just one more field in which those two are fighting."


Rick Sanchez talks to Michael prior to the president's speech and asks him what we will actually be able to achieve in Afghanistan.

Length: 4:14

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NR: "Afghanistan is a war being waged within many wars."


Michael's prepared piece about who the enemies are in Afghanistan. (VO only)

Length: 3:37

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