Brisbane talks


Big, big thanks to Nicole for letting me know that UQ has posted the video of the talk Michael gave there earlier this month. The clip is embedded on this page, and a larger version can be accessed via this link. (The video freezes partway through, but the audio continues through the end of the talk; unfortunately they cut the Q&A section. Hopefully they can fix the glitch, and hopefully they got the Q&As on tape and can include those!) The video has no controls, so no chance I can create a transcript for this one.

[I’ve reconverted the clip as
.mp4 and .m4v formats -- one worked for me on a PC and the other on a Mac.]

Also, overnight the AIIA
posted details of Michael's talk for them on March 8:

Michael Ware
Lessons from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Hosted by: AIIA Queensland
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 5:30 - 8:30 PM
At Brisbane Irish Club
175 Elizabeth St , Brisbane Queensland

Please note: This event will be held at the Brisbane Irish Club (175 Elizabeth St). We will be having drinks from 5:30pm, instead of our usual 6:00. Registration is requested for this event, for both existing members and guests. Please register using our online form. Discounted Parking at the Myer Centre will be available for Members if parking tickets are presented at the Club. Membership of AIIA will be able to be effected on the evening on the spot--$65 normal membership including the subscription to Australian Journal of International Affairs and $15 for Students (without the Journal).

Event details:

With a particular focus on the war in Afghanistan, there are great lessons to be drawn for Australian foreign and defence policy going forward. Within the current conflict in Afghanistan is the crucible of a New Asia in which future fault lines are being forged. Already, Australian policymakers have begun moving towards a new vision for Australian defence reliance, the elements and portents of which can be traced all the way from Australia’s battlespace in the rugged province of Uruzgan – a province Michael Ware knows like the back of his hand – across Asia and beyond.

Former CNN and Time correspondent, Michael Ware, is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on the Middle East for his extensive analysis and coverage of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael Ware joined CNN in 2006 after spending five years reporting for Time Magazine. He was one of the few mainstream reporters to live in Iraq near-continuously since before the American invasion and gained early acclaim due to his willingness to travel to insurgent camps and establish contacts with the Kurdish Peshmerga.

Since returning home to Brisbane, Australia, Mr Ware is currently writing a book on his experiences in Iraq, titled 'Between Me and the Dead'. Michael Ware is a graduate of The University of Queensland where he was awarded a Bachelor of Laws and a degree in Political Science.