October 2007

MEI photograph

A photograph from yesterday's MEI has been added to Michael's Wikipedia page. The photographer is listed by the name Aude, and it is an absolutely stunning photo...

(Also available in 655px and 1093px versions.)

MEI panel audio clips

The audio from Michael's panel at the Middle East Institute conference from yesterday was posted last night. I have excerpted Michael's portions: an opening 20-minute address (which is right up there with Hidden Wars as an amazing encapsulation of events) and then three answers to questions.

Clip 1, 19:29
"I'm nothing more than a witness."

Clip 2, 1:53
"It ain't gonna be Rwanda, but it's gonna be Bosnia."

Clip 3, 1:56
"This is America
turning on the government it created."

Clip 4, 3:13
"Under the guidelines of every insurgent or militia group...
journalists fit fairly and squarely as legitimate targets."

More old videos, this time from CBS

Sharon has dug up more gems from the vault -- two clips that aired on CBS Evening News. In the first, Lara Logan interviews Michael about the "bullets and ballots" strategy employed by the insurgents for the election in December of 2005; the second is a prepared piece about the on-going "is it a civil war or not" debate in March of 2006. (And both make me very glad that CNN just lets Michael be Michael rather than turning him into another Reporter 101 clone!)

Also, Sharon mentioned that David Bellavia will be featured on CSPAN-2's BookTV this Sunday, 10pm ET. Check your local listings, etc.

Farewell to France

Well, the 2007 Rugby World Cup is over, with the South African Springboks having been crowned champions. It has been an incredible tournament, and an incredible joy to watch Michael having so much fun. While covering sports is certainly not his forte and it will be wonderful to have him back to doing what he does best, these past three weeks have shown us a side that we usually never get to see on television, so I have to send out a big cyber thank-you out to The Powers That Be at CNN for sending him on this assignment, even though the Wallabies lost and he was freezing his... well, he was really cold on Friday!

I don't know whether we will see him at all for the next couple of weeks. He has that MEI conference at the end of the month, so hopefully between now and then he will get to do some actual off-the-clock relaxing before heading back to his rooftop "office." (But no worries, the TiVos are still running, just in case! Poor little things never get a vacation!)

Live via satellite...

CNN held a big event for advertisers in NYC today, focused around its planned coverage of the presidential election. There were panel discussions and much promotion of all their new technological innovations, etc. One of the photos from the event, posted at mediabistro.com:

CNN's Michael Ware talking about the impact
of the Iraq war on the Presidential election.

More rugby, another photo

More of the rugby coverage is available now.

Also, here is another official photo from CNN:


Michael is currently in France, where he will be covering the Rugby World Cup for CNN/International for the next three weeks. I have some low-tech screengrabs -- also known as having someone snap photos from a TV screen -- to show off what fun he's having. Many thanks to Mavis for these!