A look back at 2009

I put together a slide show of the screengrabs from 2009 for a bit of a look back at the year.

2009 was a year of changes for Michael. He moved his residence from Baghdad to Brooklyn, and moved his CNN affiliation from International to Domestic. He returned to Afghanistan for the first time since heading to Iraq for the 2003 invasion, and added coverage of the drug war in Mexico to his CV. For the first time in almost a decade he spent more time out of a warzone than in one, as he wrestled with the personal toll his profession has taken... and with trying to crystallize what he witnessed during six years of living in Baghdad into book form.

I have no doubt that in 2010 we will see him doing more stellar reporting and analysis of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the much different war in Mexico. And whatever new ventures he may take on, we look forward to watching him.

Length: 9:26

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(Because a "small" version is nearly unwatchable, I did a "medium" one instead
although the size may still be prohibitive. But this is just for fun, nothing new to watch.)

down under / ON TOP

When Michael did the talk at CrocMedia back in July, he also did a long interview with the co-sponsor, Advance, and they have now released it as part of their "down under / ON TOP" series of interviews with various prominent Australians working around the world.

Length: 9:03

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You can also watch the original version on YouTube and leave comments.

Afghanistan promos

There is a new 15-second promo for CNN's coverage of the Afghanistan war... well, actually, there are two. The first version started running a day or two after the President's speech last Tuesday; then it was altered later in the week. The change added Michael an additional time, so we have no complaints!

Afghan Promo #1
Afghan Promo #2

LA Times column

Reporter crashes into the ranks of pundits
James Rainey
December 4, 2009

All this talk about the couple who broke into the White House state dinner has been kind of interesting. But, for my money, the most fascinating gate-crasher this week on the Washington scene had to be Michael Ware.


US book deal

According to Publisher's Marketplace, Michael's book, Between Me and The Dead, now has a US publisher: Random House was the highest bidder at an auction set up by his literary agent. Still no date announced, but we're patient!

Recent photos from California

Australians In Films Pre-Emmy Party
BRENTWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Television reporter Michael Ware (R) and his guest attend the Australians in Film pre-Emmy party at the Australian Consular General's residence on September 19, 2009 in Brentwood, California.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images




(Thanks to Sharon for finding these!)

Rolling Stone -- "50 Best Reasons to Watch TV"

Somehow managed to totally miss this, big thanks to Mary for sending it along -- a recent issue of Rolling Stone listed the 50 Best Reasons to Watch TV ... and at number 26:


Sarmad Qasiri's photos

Michael's cameraman in Afghanistan, Samad Qasiri, has some still photos posted on CNN.com, including these of Michael and Tommy. (Showing these with and without captions.)


Looking for justice for Paul Moran

An article by Mark Corcoran on the ABC News (Aus) website, Calls For Justice for Cameraman Slain in Iraq details the search for justice for the man responsible for the death of Australian journalist Paul Moran in the early days of the Iraq war.

As you may remember, Michael was there when the bomb went off, and is mentioned in the article:

I've learned to dread late night phone calls - and this one was the worst. It was March 2003, during the opening phase of the Iraq war. Just after midnight I took the call from an anguished Michael Ware - an Australian journalist and close colleague of mine, then working for Time Magazine.

Coming down the satellite phone line was a mix of static, screaming and sirens. Amid the cacophony, Michael managed to spell out that he was at a roadblock in Kurdish northern Iraq that had just been hit by a suicide bomber in a taxi. He was on the scene giving assistance to ABC journalist Eric Campbell, dazed and bloodied after being hit by shrapnel, but alive. However there was the body of another westerner among the victims - possibly an Australian - who was he?

The tragic details soon became clear. He was 39-year-old Paul Moran, a freelance cameraman originally from Adelaide. He had teamed up with Eric Campbell on the Iraq assignment for ABC News. Paul left behind a young widow Ivana and a seven-week-old daughter Tara.

It's a chilling article, and knowing that the man responsible is flaunting his freedom is incredibly infuriating.

A Red River Shoutout

This column appears in this week's Red River Miner:

Rock stars may become passé in my world. I thought they might be on their way out of my heart when Anderson Cooper hit the spotlight, but now that I have seen/heard Michael Ware, “It’s all over Baby Blue”-Dylan. Mr. Ware is a foreign correspondent for CNN that works from the trenches in the old school style similar to Ernie Pyle. With his Aussie accent and broken nose he appears to be more of a brawler than bookish, but the guy gets it. Recently on an episode of HBO’s Bill Maher show he explained the trichotomy of India/Pakistan and Afghanistan more clearly and efficiently than anyone I’ve heard yet. I actually understood what he was saying and why we may be in the predicament we are in. I am aware that perhaps it’s my level of understanding that may be in question rather than the talking heads lack of knowledge, but what matters is that I found a source I am comfortable with.