Michael Ware


Newsweek: The War Is Over, Closure Is Yet To Come

The Iraq War is finished. But for soldiers who fought there, and for journalists who covered the bloodiest battles, closure is yet to come.

Michael Ware with a member of the Iraqi Army in 2005., Franco Pagetti / VII


The War in Iraq ends

Just moments ago, the final troops crossed the border into Kuwait, marking the official end of the American war in Iraq. Iraqis are now in charge of their country; whether that will be to continue building a democracy, to splinter back into sectarian violence, or to welcome another country in to fill the vacuum remains to be seen.

AUS: Weekend Sunrise

Michael appeared on an Australian morning show today to discuss whether Australian troops should remain in Afghanistan and what their role there really was. (Warning, he was twice cut off by the anchor just as he was about to make important points. From the emails I've been getting, the Aussie public hates that as much as we do!)

Many thanks, once again, to Morpium for grabbing the clip.


Real Time October 28, 2011

As to my earlier question, it took Michael about two minutes to say something controversial … well, it would have been controversial if he still answered to corporate masters, anyway. (Bill showed that weird Cain campaign ad that ends with his campaign manager smoking a cigarette and then that 8-second slow-mo smile from Cain himself. Bill said he didn't get what that was all about; Michael said, "They just had sex.")


Another "Real Time" appearance

Michael will be one of the guests on Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday. Gee, think he'll avoid saying anything controversial this time? (Ha! Yeah, right…!)