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Video: early promo trailer for Only the Dead

This tweet includes a look at an early promo trailer for Only the Dead, including shots never before seen by the public (many of which would not be shown on US television. Consider that a warning for the faint of heart.)

Michael at SFF


"Only the Dead" wins top doc prize at SFF

Courier-Mail piece on Penance Films

A snippet from a Business column by Glen Norris:


QUEENSLAND’S courts, next Hollywood studios? Ex-journo of The Courier-Mail Michael Ware has made a splash with his new documentary Only The Dead, featuring at the Sydney Film Festival.

It’s about the Iraq War and Ware’s reporting from there, where he earned kudos for his work with Time and CNN.

What is little known is one of the early supporters of the film is Brisbane barrister Christopher Johnstone, a mate of Ware’s from university and rugby days. Johnstone and Ware along with Ware’s partner Justine Rosenthal, are involved with Penance Films, which was one of the production companies for the flick. And you thought all the courtroom drama was with LA Law.

Michael with Hugh Riminton at SFF