Jul 2006

AC: "Well, we all need help."


Mick does his first prepared piece for CNN: a trip to a refugee camp of sorts in southern Lebanon where enemies of Israel are given safe haven and the nation’s army and police are not allowed inside. (So of course, the crazy Aussie figures this would be a good place to visit in the middle of a war...) Not only is it a fascinating piece, but he gets to use his FM-DJ voice, do some interviews, and give a walk-and-talk summation. It’s followed by a live interview with Anderson.

Length: 4:50

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RS: How the media is covering the war


Michael joins a panel discussion on Reliable Sources regarding how the media is reporting on the war.

Length: 6:00

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SUN: Riot in Beirut


Michael is on the street, covering the aftermath of this morning’s riot at the UN headquarters in Beirut for CNN Sunday Morning.

Length: 2:41

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AC: "Lebanon relies on Hezbollah" (taped 072506)


The second hour of 360 is the special “24 Hours Under Attack,” which features an interview Anderson did with Mick on Tuesday regarding Hezbollah’s tactics and their goals during the current conflict.

Length: 4:02

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AC: "Nasrallah living up to his promise."


John Roberts covers for Anderson, and talks with both Mick and John King.  Mick once again discusses the Hezbollah munitions and distance capabilities.

Length: 5:18

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TSR: Evaluating Hezbollah capabilities


Wolf talks to Michael about the military capabilities of Hezbollah -- what, exactly, do they have in their arsenal and how far into Israel might they be capable of reaching?
(Not sure whether the “Senior International Correspondent” banner reflects a promotion or just an over-eager graphics crew.)

Length: 2:55

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AC: Jihadis unwelcome


CNN/Beirut has finally left the streetcorner and gone up to a rooftop. Must be planning to stay awhile...
Mick does not think that al-Zawahiri’s call for jihadis to come to Lebanon will be much of a success because of the sectarian issues and the nature of the conflict there.
(And judging from the “ready to run a marathon” fidgeting when he thought the camera was off him, Mick’s gotten used to the god-awful-early-hours he’s keeping over there!)

Length: 5:22

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TSR: More on terrorist ties and allies


Wolf talks to Michael regarding the latest terror-tape from al-Qaeda (wherein #2 al-Zawahiri expounds that everyone is picking on the terrorists.)

Length: 4:12

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AC: Not much hope from Lebanese Army


Anderson speaks to Mick regarding the earlier story he broke that additional Lebanese forces are fighting alongside Hezbollah. Western hopes that the Lebanese Army could step in and stop Hezbollah seem to be seriously misplaced.

Length: 2:43

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LKL: How long can Hezbollah sustain?


Larry talks to a panel of CNN reporters covering the Middle East, including Mick. How long can Hezbollah hold up against the IDF?

Length: 2:37

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LF: "A very dangerous and serious development"


It’s just after 8 p.m. in Beirut, and although Kyra Phillips throws to Mick for an update on the re-opening of the airport there, he instead breaks a story that has much larger implications: the militia loyal to the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament has been fighting alongside Hezbollah throughout the current conflict.

Length: 4:06

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AC: "This war with Hezbollah has only just begun."


Anderson, in northern Israel, speaks to Michael in Beirut regarding the strength of Hezbollah and how long the war may continue. Michael says that he’s been told that Israel has so far destroyed only a small portion of Hezbollah’s arsenal.

Length: 4:17

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AC: More from Beirut


Anderson (in Haifa, Israel) interviews Michael as the 14th day of the war dawns. They discuss the nature of insurgency warfare and the ease with which Hezbollah can be rearmed by Iran and Syria.

Length: 3:42

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LF: Live from Beirut


Mick reports from Beirut as Secretary of State Rice arrives to meet with the leaders of Lebanon and Israel.

Length: 3:23 / 3:57 / 2:49

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LF: Live from Atlanta


Mick’s in Atlanta (no doubt champing at the bit to get back to a war zone) and spoke with Kyra Phillips about the connections and similarities between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.

Length: 5:45

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