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Jun 2012

Newsweek: Charlie Sheen's Last Stand

Gavin Bond for Newsweek

Michael Ware: Charlie Sheen’s Last Stand

Hollywood’s enfant terrible is back with a new show. Despite ‘Anger Management’, he's still unhinged, unchanged, and unrepentant.
by Michael Ware  | June 25, 2012 1:00 AM EDT

Charlie Sheen the movie star is apprehensive.


Reliable Sources: A complete lack of support


Michael’s first appearance on CNN since December of 2009 turned out to be quite the hatchet job. No, it wasn’t the Breaking News cutting time short that was the worst crime (although that was certainly poorly handled -- gotta save time for those Media Moments!) but the questions! Seriously, if there was anyone who doubted whether Kurtz would toe the corporate line, that was answered when he asked whether Michael was an adrenaline junkie. Are you for real? Oh, and even as Michael is saying that the term is a misnomer, the graphic says “Adrenaline rush exerts a pull” so The Powers That Be at CNN clearly have decided to continue treating PTSD as something that the sufferers deserve.


The LA "embed"

As Michael mentioned on his Twitter feed, he recently spent some time with actor Charlie Sheen in preparation of a column about him (which I believe will break shortly, since Sheen’s new show premieres at the end of the month.)

Although Michael was attempting to keep a low profile Sheen never does, so the local media caught Michael on tape first at the MTV Video Awards on June 3rd, then at an LA Kings game a few days later. Here is a round-up of the video and a couple photos from those events.


Michael joins Twitter

This is news a lot of you have been waiting for: Michael has established a Twitter account for his production company, you can now follow him @penancefilms -- expect him to be outspoken and blunt, as always!